To prevent spreading of COVID-19 and other viral pandemic threats, especially in places where hand disinfection is required
(places such as shops, institutions, public buildings, industrial zones etc) we offer:



model M-T-2020c

The dispenser is made from acid-proof steel. Its net weight does not exceed 10 kg, its height does not exceed  100 cm. It is in a standing position.
The device has an inside box for keeping containers with disinfectant liquid. Two containers of capaciy of up to 5 litres can be placed into the box. The doses of the liquid can be smoothly adjusted by a foot control placed in the box. Depending on the amount of one dose, one litre of the disinfectant liquid will be sufficient for 1 thousand to 20 thousand of single doses. Covering 2 hands with the liquid requires from 1 to 3 mililitres of the liquid which means that 1 litre of disinfectant will be sufficient for the hands of 300 to 1000 people, depending on the set adjustment of the foot control.
Adjustment of the dose is intuitive. The dose is adjusted by twisting an adjustment screw to the right or left, which limits the pedal travel.


A practical advantage of foot control is the lack of hand contact with the device which prevents the transmission of pollutants onto other users. Foot control also enables a precise application of desired disinfectant amount applied onto hands. The amount of the disinfectant depends on the number of foot control presses and the extent of its travel.

M-T-2020c  dispenser  is easy to use and  does not need regular maintenance or lubrication. It is easy to clean. It can be washed with  pressure washers.

The stainless materials of the box are  resistant to changing weather condition hence the box is perfect for outside places such as an entry to shops, institutions, and other public buildings . A dripping bowl is not essential if the disinfectant is environemntally friendly.
The operation of th edispenser is fully mechanical. The dispenser does not need any power supply. It is suitable for putting into a standing position and installation.

Hand disinfectant liquids availabe at  disinfectant producers such as Orlen, Agapit, Merida, Polfa, Schulke and others can be used for operation.

Sticking of pollutansts to the foot control and the spray lance has been reduced to a minimum. Tubular profile diametres have been especially designed to prevent  pollutants from remaining on the surface. The cross section and shape of the lance spray make it impossible to lean against the dispenser or hang any additional items on it. The shape of the foot control has a self-cleaning feature.

The device is protected against an unauthorised access. It has  holes for temporary and permanent installation to the floor and a hole for temporary protection against moving (e g. protective cord). All technical details are included in a brochure that we send to interested parties upon receiving an enquiry.

Servicing and maintenance shall be provided by the manufacturer.
Mecha-Tec Sp. z o.o. Cząstków Mazowiecki 7, 05-152 Czosnów

The manufacturer shall provide stickers with information on the usage  of the dispenser as well as a sticker for providing information on the disinfectant used and its expiry date. Both stickers are recommended to be put on external part of the dispenser that can be easily noticed by users. A template of the stickers shall be sent by email upon request.

How you can receive your dispenser

– we can send it to you by a courier;
– you can receive it in the manufacturer’s retail store Mecha Tec in Czastków Mazowiecki (the entry from the street, only upon appointment);
– you can receive it in Warszawa Bielany (only upon appointment);
– we can deliver it to you within a 15 km radius from Cz¹stków Mazowiecki 7;

M-T-2020 has been produced for INTER CARS
INTER CARS is the honorary user of the first M-T-2020 dispenser, manufacted in order to fight the COVID 19 pandemic (03.2020).

Construction and design of the device are protected by the law.
M-T-2020c is a registered trademark.

Warranty information: General Warranty Conditions
Instructions for assembly and commissioning of the M-T-2020 C dispenser: Instructions v1
Annex to the assembly and commissioning instructions for the M-T-2020 C dispenser: Annex 1

Set of device stickers (download).

It is possible to permanently place a metal, laser engraved plate with dedication. Plate sample below.

Information on personal data processing is included in the privacy policy.

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